Pryde Rally Towel

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The perfect blend of softness, style, and versatility. These multipurpose towels are designed to elevate your experience with a thoughtful combination of premium materials.

On one side, you'll find highly absorbent cotton fabric, ensuring a practical and efficient drying experience. The other side boasts a luxurious touch with soft, printed mink polyester, adding a touch of elegance to your towel collection.

What sets our rally towels apart is the vibrant and boldly printed rainbow logo. More than just a design element, this rainbow serves as a powerful reminder to be proud of who you are. Whether you're using these towels at sporting events, during workouts, or simply as a stylish accessory, the rainbow logo symbolizes inclusivity, diversity, and the celebration of individual identity.

Embrace comfort, embrace style, and embrace Pryde because your towel should be as unique as you are.

.: Material: 100% polyester front; 100% cotton loop backing
.: One size: 11" × 18" (27.94 cm × 45.72 cm)
.: Soft and absorbent